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Students Should Make Use Of This Period To Learn Productive Things

Students can take this time to learn a new set of skills that will help improve their CVs, help them to get better jobs, and earn more as well as possibly serve as an added advantage to them in the nearest future.

The truth is that no skill or knowledge is a waste. Whatever you learn today may be all you will need to seize an opportunity that will turn your life around for good tomorrow.

The internet gives everyone the opportunity to learn anything- anything at all. So you do not need to step out of your house to learn something that will be gainful to you tomorrow and the interesting thing is that you can learn most of these things for FREE if you are determined and focused.This post will highlight productive things every student should learn and do during this lockdown to improve the course of their lives ...


Learn a language: This is a skill that you can add to your CV as well. It can even open up new avenues in your career later on. For those that will like to further their studies abroad in countries like Germany, France etc, it is always good to learn the language of the country you will be going to for study. Being able to freely communicate in the local language will no doubt pave the way for you.

You may not become fluent in the new language before the lockdown is lifted but start learning the basics and depending on how interested you are in learning the language, you can go ahead to become a guru in the language in the near future. You can check out language apps like Duolingo Android users can check their play store for this app or other language apps. Some of them have both free and paid plans. Don’t forget to go through the reviews before selecting a website or an app.

Learn how to code: Many students often say they wanted to learn how to code. Well, this may be your best opportunity to start learning how to code. I do not need to tell you that many of the highest paid jobs in the world are........................READ MORE


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