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Sponsored: Lockdown Enforced Due To discovered Covid 19 Index Case.

 On monday, the 26th of April 2020, a case of covid19 was confirmed in bayelsa state. The affected person, a civil servant from ogbia LGA, is said to be on self quarantine after she witnessed the syptoms of covid. This news came as a shock to every one in bayelsa state, thereby spreading fear among bayelsans.

   But before the case was confirmed, His Excellency governor douye diri, the governor of bayelsa state has issued a total lockdown on bayelsa state due to rapid increase in the spread of covid among Nigerians. The lock down was also issued as a result of disobedience to the rule of social distancing in bayelsa state.

    The confirmed covid case in bayelsa state also known as bayelsa covid19 index case, has received a lot of reactions on social media platforms, stating all sorts of allegations such as planned, arranged, setup etc. Some social media......................................Read More


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